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Sunday, august 6th 2023 



Religious items, Antiques, Art, Collectables, Furniture, Carpets and more




starts at 11 am

BRNO, Jílová 2, 639 00 Brno


catalogue includes

-          all lots included in the auction

description of all lots

calling prices

images of all lots



  Pre-auction viewing    
  BRNO, Jílová 2, 639 00 Brno    
  čtvrtek 3. 8. 2023 13.00 - 17.00  
  pátek 4. 8. 2023 13.00 - 17.00  
  sobota 5. 8. 2023 13.00 - 17.00  
  neděle 6. 8. 2023   9.00 - 11.00  


Individual viewing outside regular business hours (incl. the weekend)

is possible upon prior arrangement at +420 602 755 594



Viewing the catalogue and placing bids online prior to the auction (ends at 10am on 6th August),

as well as bidding online during the auction at LIVE|BID





In our shops in Prague - Brno - Ostrava, we continually accept goods into upcoming auctions:

drawings - oil paintings - prints, sculptures, religious art,

jewellery - silver, gold, imitation, glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood,

collectibles, curiosities 





Ask our staff about availability of unsold works from earlier auctions






224 Vilém Wünsche - primarily a painter of motifs with social and work themes,

he painted miners, metallurgists and their families
Bath in nature, oil on canvas 1932, 93,5 x 151 cm
Calling price CZK 17,500





59 Hand painted, ART DECO

Teapot, sugar bowl, 3 cups and saucers
Porcelain manufactory SCHLAGGENWALD - Horní Slavkov

Painting workshop marked with handwritten Napajedla (a Moravian town) and a linden leaf

1st half of 20th century
Calling price CZK 2,500






261 Frontispiece Pablo Picasso




261 Contemporains pittoresques - Guillaume Apollinaire, frontispiece Pablo Picasso

Bibliophilia by Guillaume Apollinaire, frontispiece portrait of the author by Pablo Picasso

Editions de la Belle Page, Paris 18/1/1929, 100 numbered pages, paperback binding. This print #52 of 360.

Five chapters dedicated to five French writers - Raoul Ponchon, Alfred Jarry, Ernest La Jeunesse, Rémy de Gourmont, Jean Moréas, Catulle Mendès

Calling price CZK 6,800







262 "SEM A LA MER" - Sem by the Sea, Goursat Georges (called Sem)

Published August 12, 1912, 38 color pages - colored by H. Saudé.

Excellent cartoons of events of the summer of 1912 in Deauville

Calling price CZK 22,000






 263 JEANNE D´ARC by Joseph Delteil. Illustration L. Touchagues. PARIS 1926

Edition Marcel Seheur, frontispiece black and white lithograph and 18 colored lithographs by Louis Touchagues

A total 445 copies, this one not numbered

Calling price CZK 12,000







It is quite possible that when re-visiting our website, some of the images and/or text in the catalogue might not be updated even though they are available. Most computers remember the last page view and do not lose time by reading the website again. To avoid this please try to Refresh the page view. respectively frame view.



  LIST of auctions

The catalogue is in Czech only but we would be more than happy to provide translation of individual lots.

Reservations can be placed by e-mail at, we always confirm the receipt of reservations,

should you not receive this acknowledgment please contact us at +420 602 755 594,

alternatively you can also place your reservations at this number.



We are happy to provide more information on request. 

Please contact us at our central e-mail address 

or at any of our showrooms below


We are looking forward to seeing you at our events


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How to participate in our Live Onsite Auction

  1. Personal participation

  2. Telephone bidding – available for all lots, subject to the capacity of our phone operators, you need to register with us the lots that you wish to bid for by telephone (by e-mail at, by phone at +420 602 755 594 or personally in our shops)

  3. Placing written bids – this can be done by e-mail at, by phone at +420 602 755 594 or personally in our shops

  4. Online bidding on the platform – the auction will be broadcast live. To participate- online you have to first register with Livebid.  Please note that there is a slight delay in the approval process and we therefore strongly advise to do so prior to the auction

  5. Placing online bids – online bidding is normally open once the catalogue is published on Livebid. Online bidding closes 1 hour before the start of the auction, again registration with is required

Independent Auctions

in compliance with law 26/2000 lots with calling price higher than CZK 1.000.000 are auctioned in so called independent auctions

Acceptance of goods

we accept goods for auctions in all our showrooms

Lots for  Auctions are accepted in all our shops and included in the auction according to the seller's contract


  • all prices are in CZK

  • all dimensions given in the catalogue are in centimetres unless otherwise stated

  • dimensions for paintings are given in the following format

stands for height X stands for width

stands for height of the frame X stands for width of the frame




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Ostrava - Our premises

which were until September 2019 at Českobratrská 19, Ostrava

were moved to a new location: Msgre (Monsignor) Šrámka 1826/5 (Msgre Šrámek´s Square), Moravská Ostrava.

In the middle of the Msgre Šrámek´s Square there is The Cathedral of the Holy Saviour of Ostrava

The well-known Jiří Myron Theatre is also in the vicinity of our new premises.


We are happy to provide more information on request. 

Please contact us at our central e-mail address or at any of our showrooms

We are looking forward to seeing you at our events